Welcome to the Tax Agency Electronic Office

From this platform you will be able to access the Tax Agency's electronic services and process formalities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, si bien ha de tener en cuenta que los pagos realizados a través de esta Sede están sujetos a los límites...

24-11-2015Interruption of the Tax Agency's computer services

For technical reasons, on Saturday 28 November all the IT services of the Tax Agency will be interrupted from 18.00pm until 23.00pm.
Please excuse any inconvenience

10-09-2015IRPF 2014 (VERIFY) System for self-correcting income tax returns with request for refund

In cases leading to a reduction of the refund in a filed return, the taxpayer can correct the filed return and receive advance payment of the refund by going to "Consult refund" on the Renta 2014 web site and clicking the option "VERIFY"

24-07-2015Payment of tax settlements using the Cl@ve PIN from 1 October 2015 onwards

The non-advanced signature system using a password from a previous registration (Cl@ve PIN) can be used for payments made after 1 October 2015 as a consequence of certain settlements made by the Administration

16-07-2015Withholdings Calculation Service (starting from 12 July or, where applicable, from 1 August)

Available to calculate and, if necessary, correct the IRPF withholding rate applicable to earned income paid from 12 July 2015