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From this platform you will be able to access the Tax Agency's electronic services and process formalities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, si bien ha de tener en cuenta que los pagos realizados a través de esta Sede están sujetos a los límites...

21-01-2015 Calendario del contribuyente 2015 en formato iCalendar

Está disponible la posibilidad de incorporar los vencimientos del calendario del contribuyente 2015 en los gestores de calendario personal.

07-01-2015 Advance payment of deductions for large families and people with disabilities

From 7 January 2015 at this e-Office, you can request advance payment of the deductions for large families and for parents or children with disabilities for whom you are responsible.

17-12-2014 2014 Income Tax Simulator

The 2014 Income Tax Simulator is now available for calculating the result of your 2014 Income Tax return.
The results are not legally binding on the Tax Agency.

Procedures, Services and Formalities (Information and Registration) 

Browsing through the different categories and levels you will find information on Tax Agency procedures and services that can be processed online and their associated formalities. You can access the electronic document register within each formality.

Important formalities 

You may access the most frequently used online formalities directly from here. Alternatively, you may access the full range of online formalities through the Procedures, services and formalities section.



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    You may check the status of all your procedures for which proceedings have been initiated after 1 Jan 2010, as well as carry out formalities and make enquiries. You must have an electronic DNI or electronic certificate issued by any authorised entity.

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    This section gives access, via a valid electronic certificate, to the user's register details held by the Tax Agency.

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    In this section you can consult your communications and notifications using any of the types of access required in each case.

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