Authorisation to use high-speed craft

General Data


Authorisation to use high-speed craft

Type of procedure

Authorisations, permits, concessions and approvals


Customs office


Procedure to authorise the use of high-speed inflatable and semi-rigid vessels which must be presented through the Tax Agency e-Office.

Responsible body

Tax Agency

General information on the procedure

Start method

interested party

Applicant: Ciudadano - Empresa

Place of presentation

  • Online, at the Tax Agency e-Office

Procedure/service stages

  • Start: request for authorisation of use and registration.

  • Processing: during the transitional period, the request will be understood to have been accepted provisionally, although this will not determine the final decision.

  • End: registration and authorisation of use.


Request for authorisation (online processing)

Resolution deadline

According to the applicable regulations

Resolution body

Tax Agency


Appeal: within one month, if the decision appealed against is stated. Otherwise, at any time from the day after the day when administrative silence comes into effect. It may be brought against the body which made the decision or the body empowered to resolve it, and will be brought before the immediate superior of the body that made the decision.

Information concerning electronic procedure

Identification system

Electronic DNI, Electronic certificate, PIN number

Interactivity level

Level 4: Online processing


Normativa Básica

Real Decreto-ley 16/2018, de 26 de octubre, por el que se adoptan determinadas medidas de lucha contra el tráfico ilícito de personas y mercancías en relación con las embarcaciones utilizadas (BOE 27-octubre-2018).